Yum!!! Turkey Burgers!

I absolutely love turkey burgers. I can across a great recipe on Pinterest and new it was one of the first I wanted to share.


2Tbsp of  Olive Oil

1lb Turkey

4 stems of fresh basil

2 tbsp of Worcestershire sauce

1 egg

½ tbsp Salt & Pepper (it’s up to you)

1 to 2 cups of Feta (I use the tomato basil prepackaged feta, sometimes two.)


1. Preheat oven to 200

2. Chop up your basil

3. Mix basil, turkey meat, egg, Worcestershire sauce, feta cheese, salt and pepper.

3. Add olive oil to pan and turn on heat to medium-high. Without crowding the pan cook the burgers for 6 to 7 minutes per side. Once they are done slip them into the oven to stay warm.

Of course you only need the oven if your making a large batch. I always think I am going to make just a few, and it turns into more.  My family really enjoys them.  Now I play with the amount of the basil, turkey meat and feta.  This is because I often find I need to make a little more than I planned.


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